m4/3 Decades End Musings

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m4/3 Decades End Musings

Back in the day I shot an om-2 0m-4 with lots of extras.

Eventually photogrophy kind of went by the wayside until in 2005 when I bought a Panasonic fz-5. Digital was fun. Control of processing was fun.

Couple of years later bought a used E-1 with battery grip for $500 (canadian) and a 14-54(i) for $329. An fl50 flash for $275. and a while later a 70-300 for $275. A couple of more years and an e620 with battery grip. Don't remember how much exactly.

Then came Olympus's switch to m4/3. Have to say that was kind of a bitter pill to swallow as for me aquiring gear is a carefully planned financial decision. With time I picked up a refurbished ep-3 with a kit lens and the local let go, Olympus rep (Olympus was cutting back) sold me the add on viewfinder. I understand why Olympus had to change track and I'm sure it was a tough decision knowing that they were letting a lot of their customers down. (Panasonic too)

A couple of years ago bought an em5ii(799 canadian $550 us that was a deal) and a 14 to 150. Still can use my fl50 on it. Oh yah almost forgot picked up a used 45 1.8 a few months ago.

As I look out at the photogrophy landscape heading into a new decade these are the conclusions that I have come to.

1. Nothing is certain. Smart phones have taken away many of the customers and as a result gear is getting much more expensive.

2. I still believe m4/3 is the place for me. Partly because I wouldn't want to pay all the costs of switching systems. Honestly though when I look at how I crop my pictures for coffee table books and slide shows they are almost always cropped closest to a 4/3 ratio so the extra width of apsc would kind of be wasted on me. We all know the benefits of m4/3 (size, stabilization, lens selection, weather sealing) Funny story my em5ii got a drop of icecream spilled on it and it went under the mode dial and basically glued the on/off switch in the off position. I ran the dial under the tap for a minute and it washed it away without issue. Thankyou weather sealing.

The only thing I truly wish was better at least on my em5ii is the continuous autofocus. Any sensor improvements would be welcome but in honesty I don't feel limited by the sensor in the Em5ii. I am also happy enough with the video quality. I took it to Disneyland and the video worked great in my opinion even on the dark rides. Sorry Jordan. Most the time I have no idea what you're talking about.(log files, profiles etc.) My bad. I should try to figure it out.

3.If money were not an object I would pick up an em1ii with 12 -100. I had hoped to buy one when it came out but instead of being the $1400 can. I and many were expecting it was over $2200. (Thankyou smart phones).

4. When it comes to other brands I think Fuji and Sony deserve the most credit. Fuji has built great cameras lately. If the xt3 had stabilization it would tick pretty much every box. Sony has some quirks but their autofocus is amazing. (If money were no object I would have a Sony full frame system as well just for fun)

In conclusion my photogrophy journey with olympus has had some pain but all in all I believe that it is still the system I would choose if I was starting over. When I look at the quality of the photos I have of my kids growing up as well as travel ,hiking and general photography I guess I am mostly just thankful to live in the age where we can accomplish so much, ( That includes our ability to use software like lightroom)

There's my two cents.

May you all enjoy your photogrophy in the coming decade.

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Thanks, Mike

Fujifilm X-T3 Olympus E-1 Olympus E-620 (EVOLT E-620)
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