Capture one color shift upon importing into Photoshop

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Re: Capture one color shift upon importing into Photoshop

I would make sure Windows is using your monitor profile for colour management. Make sure Photoshop is also using the same monitor profile for colour management (not as its working profile). I would set the the Proof Profile under the view menu in Capture One to “Selected Recipe”. Then whatever process recipe you select in the output tab is the one that will be used when you select the proofing icon. Doing it that way allows you to easily select the proofing icon and then view the results with any of the process recipes just by highlighting a different recipe on the output tab.

FYI, you need to view at 100% to see the full effects of things like sharpening, diffraction correction etc... so, if your process recipe doesn’t include resizing to fit the current window, you will need to zoom in to 100%.

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