90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

Chris Mak wrote:

I use the 7DII and shortly had the 90D but returned it. Better DR at low iso settings is nice, but with a 400DOII+1.4TC combo not all that relevant. I try to keep the 7DII around iso 400-1000, where it performs best i.m.o. but hardly ever shoot at lower iso values.

What I missed mostly in the 90D was the stellar responsiveness of the 7DII, which can grab a shot in a split second and is usually spot-on. So it feels like a real action camera, but the 90D less so i.m.o. Perhaps others had different experiences. I decided to wait for a 7DIII, or just settle with the 7DII and save up for a brighter lens like the 500/4.

this, plus what birdshooter7 said partly reflect my feeling about the two.  The controls on the 7D2 are geared for someone really serious about wildlife, where as those of the 90D do NOT.  Yet, the 90D does have higher resolution, better low-iso DR, and thus better IQ.  I think if budget affords, one can justify both. The 7D2 is simply better for BIF, too, especially small birds in front of cluttered backgrounds (or not).  If you do macro, however, the 90D kills there.  I too am waiting on the 7D3 but I still can use the 90D with the flipout screen, so I don't mind having  both of them.  If I had to have only one, I'd probably stick with the 7D2, however.  I think Canon has to have more than just a 1D for sports/action/wildlife as nearly everyone can use the reach sooner or later.

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