Z6 battery life misleading...

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Re: Z6 battery life misleading...

No one seems to have mentioned it, so I will. If you shoot using the rear screen, you will get 300 shots. If you use only the EVF, you will get at least 1000. I discovered this the hard way on my first real estate shoot, with the d600: the rear screen ate a full battery in an hour.

I've only had the z6 for a week, but I estimate I'll get the same shooting time I get for the d600--for weddings. I always return home with a 50-75% full battery and over a thousand shots from 8 hours shoots . The 50% is when I show people the shots on the rear screen (totaling c. 20-30 minutes); the 75% is when I only briefly review the shots on the rear screen.

As you can review the shots in the EVF on the z6, if you don't use the rear screen at all, you might find you get 1500-2000 shots on a single battery charge. Additionally, the EVF shuts off as soon as you take your eye from it, and the camera goes to sleep after 30 secs (just press AF-ON or half press the shutter to wake it up; I just set 'sleep' to 10 secs inactive).

Nikon put a lot of thought into this camera!

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