SD H Quattro versus Medium format

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Re: SD H Quattro versus Medium format

My personal experiences with direct comparision Sigma Foveon vs mid format cameras.

I tested the Sigma DP2 Merrill in a industrial machine shooting, well illuminated with Broncolor flash against he Hasselblad HD 30, 40 & 60.

Against the HD 30 the Sigma shows a bit more details, the HD 40 is more or less equal and th HD 60 clearly outresolves the tiny DP2. The Hasselblad photographer was smiling in the beginning when I changed the huge Hasselblad against the tiny Sigma, but when we had a compare sighting of the photos he was astonished and he said that he could as well use the Sigma for this kind of work, nobody would ever suspect anything.

What the Hasselblad has is more dynamic range, but in a well lit shooting set, this is not really an issue.

Recently I could test the Fujifilm 100MP mid format camera against the Sigma DP2 Merrill and the Sigma SD Quattro H with the 35mm ART lens (with manual focus to make sure the focus is there where ist belongs).

The 100MP is really something, the Fujifilm is well made and the lens very sharp, so a combo hard to beat.

As expected it outresolves both Sigma cameras, but the SDQH not by that much one could expect and one can detect the typical Bayer mushyness going into pixel peeping, the Foveon microcontrast is really something different.

Depending of the intended use the Fujifilm is a really strong camera with in camera stabilization and 4K video, I would prefer this camera anytime over a HD Hasselblad, it is way cheaper and handles like a slightly bigger Canon D1X.

If the use is still studio work, landscape or architecture the Sigma SDQH can be a quite cheap camera with an extremely good output.

A Sigma SDQH & 14mm is about $ 2'500.- the Canon 5Ds & 14mm $ 4'500.-, a Hasselblad X1D II & 21mm about $ 10'000.- and the Fujifilm GFX 100 & 23mm $ 14'000.-.

When you can live with the Sigma/Foveon limitations, you can play with little money in the league above this paygrade.

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