90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

Hello Austin7642,

I am using the 80D and 90D with my 100-400mmL IS II.I found the AIServo zone Af to be very inconsistent at first . It would focus on many things but not where I intended. I learned that ITR( face recognition AI) was on by default. I have found the zone AF to be much better since disabling ITR. I think the 90D struggles with Zone AF at 10fps and an option for say 7fps might improve this.

Sometimes the tracking AF is frustrating to use but I am persisting. I am getting some excellent shots when critical focus is achieved. I find that early morning or late afternoon light seems to improve my keeper rate. Overall, I am very happy with the 90D.I will learn to use the camera and adapt to get the most out of it. I like the noise performance , colours and increased cropping ability of the new 33 MP sensor. One can hope that Canon is listening to these forums and will update the tracking Zone Af functions. ( I wouldn't hold my breath for this option) I find the AI servo single point AF to be fast and very consistent. In 5 years it won't matter, we may all be using the EOS 7R mirrorless which replaces the 7D II. I will continue to use the 80D and 90D . You can find a positive review by Roger Clarke of Clarkevision who really likes the 90D and says the AI servo single point AF is better than the same on the 7D II, but the AIServo zone AF may be better on the 7D II. His post generated much discussion on this forum.



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