Looking for minor upgrade for AF-P 70-300

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Re: Looking for minor upgrade for AF-P 70-300

cosmicnode wrote:

I Love Furry Animals wrote:

I have the AF-P 70-300 FX lens, been very happy with it. Want a second lens so both me and my wife can shoot wild life together. Looking for one with slightly more reach, better AF and IQ if possible.

I rented the AF-S 200-500 for few days just to get the feel of it, it was a great lens but we think this probably too heavy for us.

What are our options without breaking my shoulder and the bank? Which of these are better overall compared to what I already have?

  • AF-S 300 f4 (plus TC 14e)
  • 70-200 f2.8 (with TC 1.7 or 2.0?)
  • 80-400 VR
  • Any better option from Tamron or Sigma?

What I shoot is mostly 300mm so I don't really need the zoom, but appreciate more reach if possible. 500mm PF is just too expensive for us, so please don't suggest anything around or above this price range 🙂

Out of your list the first option is probably the one that meets your requirements best, the 70-300 is already a fast focusing lens with stunning VR that few other of your available choices can better. I sold my 70-200 after buying the 70-300 for it's better range, and lighter weight with little or no loss in image quality.

I second that. The 70-300 is awesome already. It weighs 400 grams compared to 1.2Kg of the 80-400 for only a little bit more reach, to put it into perspective.

400mm doesnt really get much closer compared to 300mm. A much more real jump would be 500/600mm, but that might be out of our price/weight bracket.

I think any of the sigma/tamron 150-600 zooms might be a good step up if you can justify the weight. I wouldnt bother with teleconverters if you are using a body which does not have AF fine-tune or with f/4 type lenses.

If you are not going to be shooting BIFs, any of the small sensor superzooms might actually be a better idea. I guess the older ones with less insane zoom range like 30x-50x can be bought very cheap used/refurbished.

Also as you go for longer lenses, haze/pollution might start becoming an issue and you might want to think if your subject/location will benefit from a longer lens.

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