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Re: Set A3 to Delay, not Quick

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What value did you have for Custom Setting A3?

I shot that on 3, in the middle. I have since changed it to 1, Quick.

You should set A3 to more Delay, not quicker. This value tells the camera how quickly to pick a new subject. And what you wrote above was:

The square sometimes locked onto an object in the background, or halfway in the doggie's run, it would decide the dog is no longer the subject, and start jumping elsewhere in the frame. Then focus was lost.

This is textbook symptoms of a3 being set too fast.

It's unfortunate that so many set (& suggest setting) this to quicker, which is usually the wrong value for what one is trying to achieve. I suspect people see the word "Quick" and think "This will make my focus quicker." But that is not the case.

Setting A3 just makes your camera's subject tracking more erratic. This setting means: "How quickly do you want the camera to forget your subject?"

As I wrote in that link and above, set it to 4 or 5. Delayed keeps your intended subject in focus longer. This is even specified in the manual:

Thanks, I get you now. Yes even at 3 it was a bit erratic. The delayed setting makes sense now.

I've had more success with a3 set to 1 (quick). YMMV. Note I follow the subject with one of the wide mode boxes, I'm not using subject tracking. In my last post I did say try both ways (a3 set to fast and slow).

The issue I've had with a3 set to slow is when it chooses the background by mistake, it doesn't want to re-acquire (naturally, it's set to slow). This drives me nuts. I also use AF-C to track (not subject tracking in AF-C) and like to be able to choose where I want to focus in real time by putting the AF box where I want to, so a3 set to 1 allows for real time AF adjust this way (I just keep AF-ON held down and go about my way). That's just how I do it. Use the settings best suited for your approach.

A3 set to slow is more to avoid change in AF due to foreground objects that may come into view as you pan, not to make it focus on the subject any better/sharper.

I haven't.

Because if the camera chooses the background by mistake, it will NEVER re-acquire focus by itself if it is working correctly and there is any background anywhere in the AF area.  The best way to re-acquire focus is to let go of AF-On, put the box over the subject, and press AF-On again, which takes a split-second and ensures that the camera is tracking the correct subject.

A3 also does not affect the speed at which the camera acquires focus; nor does it affect the speed at which the camera tracks focus over the subject.  Setting a3 to 5 also allows for real-time AF while holding down AF-On.  (That's what AF-C does).

The only thing A3 does is that it slows down the camera from picking a new subject after it has lost the original subject.  A3 does not affect how fast the camera focuses on a subject or how fast it tracks a subject that it already has.

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