My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

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Re: My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

Diswantsho wrote:

Sorry, my bad. I shot the images in Auto Area with the red marks in the corners and the yellow block that tracks the subject.

It seems I had it right in my second point, but messed it up later below as you quoted.

I also tried a series with dynamic area with the square and the dots around and only the first two or three images of the series were sharp. But the post was intended to say auto area.

I've had good success with Subject Tracking when the subject is mainly moving side to side in the frame. But I'm not sure I would count on it for your scenario.

I tend to rely on Dynamic Area quite a bit, coming from my DSLR experience. But one of the Wide Area modes, which prioritize the closest subject, might also be worth trying here. There are others in this forum who have success with this kind of shooting. Would be interesting to hear their technique and settings. And as other's have mentioned, be sure you have the latest firmware update and have tweaked other focus settings, like a3, as suggested. With a bit of practice, you should be able to get better results.

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