My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

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Re: My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

j_photo wrote:

Diswantsho wrote:

Here's one of the best series I could manage with Dynamic Area and tracking:

M mode, ISO200, 1/1600, f8. AF-C [Dynamic] 70-200G + ftz + 1.4 III.

Below is a series of the unprocessed raw files.

You say you are using "dynamic area and tracking". There is no such thing. With Dynamic Area, you place the focus point in the frame and it is up to you to keep the dog under the focus point. Subject Tracking, in which the camera takes over focus point placement, only works in Auto Area mode.

If you are using Dynamic Area, as you say, then there is no reason to expect this series of shots to be in focus. The dog is moving all around the frame. Dynamic Area does not track this way.

This is not strictly correct. In Dynamic Area, the camera does track, but with the following restrictions:

  • The tracking is for the subject that was at the center dynamic area point (the square AF point), at the time the AF-C was initiated
  • The tracking is limited to within the 9-point area
  • The camera does not provide feedback to the user on specifically which focus point it is using during AF-C

If the subject leaves the 9-point area during AF-C, the camera will wait a bit before picking a new subject at the center--this delay is specified by custom setting a3.

If the camera loses the subject, one can immediately restart the tracking sequence by doing what they originally should have done--that is, letting go of AF-On, re-centering the subject around the center dynamic area square AF point, holding AF-On again, and keeping the subject within the 9-point dynamic area.

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