My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

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Re: My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

This is so frustrating and typical Nikon crap.   All they have to do is have a mode or a submode where an indicator comes up, like the focus point in single point which you then put on what you want to track and press focus and you are done.   This is a UI issue and is totally doable by firmware/software, but they just won't do it.  No excuse for this other than Nikon's arrogance.

I worked in a camera shop in Fort Worth in the early 80's.    We sold a lot of Nikon equipment and the company was frustrating in their arrogance and tone deafness to their customers and they are still that way.   I love their equipment, lenses and colors but they are very frustrating in this regard.

I am switching back to Nikon from Fujifilm and an X-T3.   The Nikon is much better in some important areas for me but Fuji sure seems to be more willing to listen to their customers and update firmware to try and please their customers.  The X-T3 had multiple modes that you could track in and had custom settings/presets that allowed you to tune the tracking.  I don't shoot sports so this was not the top concern but Nikon can and should do better here.

With them losing market share you would think they would be bending over backward but their arrogance seems to still be affecting their actions.

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