My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

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Re: My take on the Z6/Z7 focusing issues

Diswantsho wrote:

Danl760 wrote:

I have similar application as you and occasionally do some sports photography eg cycling and track and field with my D800E. Now that my DSLR rip and was contemplating to get Z6. I read lots of review but not much sharing especially action photography with Z6 or Z7. I wonder whether it is still very much usable for action and is panning still works well. Any advice?

I am Ok with the camera for occasional action. But this is not an ideal camera for exclusive action use, like a D5. I think focusing during panning wiĺl be fine.

Try setting a3 to 1, use AF-C wide-S or L and just keep the box over the dog. Use single frame mode and snap away at your heart's content, or continuous low/high. Note if trying H* (continuous extended) it might be difficult as the camera shows you a slideshow of the shots taken, not a live view.

H* is better for things that are moving but not moving from point a to b. Example: a baseball player swinging a bat.

Repeat with a3 set to 3-5. See which works best for you.

Dynamic tends to hunt around a bit vs the wide modes. Try the wide modes.

Someone a while back mentioned changing video settings g4 to max speed and g5 to max sensitivity helps with AF-C tracking moving subjects in photo mode. I didn't notice any difference but give it a try.

Make sure you have enough shutter speed and DoF for dogs to avoid motion blur. Make sure IBIS is on.

Lastly, set your shutter to AUTO (custom setting d5) to avoid shutter shock in general (you should be at high shutter speeds here anyways).

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