90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

If you are interested in shooting birds in flight and other similar fast moving subjects, pay attention to the comments by birdshooter and others who find the 7D2 to be better for AF Servo.

I cannot evaluate the AF Servo because I hardly ever use it and rarely shoot BIF. When it comes to overall performance the 90D has some strong attributes and advantages over the 7D2 and every other APS-C camera. First regarding the AF, I am very happy with the performance for less challenging shots than BIF. The AF on my 90D is dead accurate and precise. I did a number of tests including comparison with 10X liveview and the AF is impressive. It will also focus better in low light than the 7D2 but that is based on reviews. Finally the 90D is the first camera from Canon that will reliably AF at 1:1 macro distances. Previous cameras seemed to fail frequently at 1:2 and closer.

At 32.5 mp, the 90D is class leader for resolution! It also matches lower resolution cameras for high ISO performance and for dynamic range. The in camera software does a great job of producing jpegs with great image quality and low noise to at least ISO 6400. The Canon DPP4 software does a great job of processing raw files. Again it will handle high ISOs to at least ISO 6400. The default noise reduction will do a great job of preserving details while removing noise. Of course this also means the software will handle noise that arises from pulling details from the shadows. The DPP4 software also has a magic property of correcting for softness due to diffraction. I am getting superb results at f/20 and higher. Without the software correction, softening due to diffraction would be noticeable. You can continue to use Adobe products such as Lightroom in place of DPP4 software but you might need additional software for noise reduction and you will not have the diffraction correction if you shoot tight apertures.

If you spend some time reading the 90D threads on this forum you will find lots of very positive comments. You will also find there were a lot of 7D2 users who were unhappy. They wanted a 7D3 instead. Personally I would not have wanted a 7D3. I don't want a bigger, heavier camera that would cost twice the amount of the 90D. I don't need or want to pay for 2 card slots, faster performance and a bigger buffer.

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