90D for wildlife?

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Re: 90D for wildlife?

I use the 7DII and shortly had the 90D but returned it. Better DR at low iso settings is nice, but with a 400DOII+1.4TC combo not all that relevant. I try to keep the 7DII around iso 400-1000, where it performs best i.m.o. but hardly ever shoot at lower iso values.

What I missed mostly in the 90D was the stellar responsiveness of the 7DII, which can grab a shot in a split second and is usually spot-on. So it feels like a real action camera, but the 90D less so i.m.o. Perhaps others had different experiences. I decided to wait for a 7DIII, or just settle with the 7DII and save up for a brighter lens like the 500/4.

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