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Doug Pardee wrote:

Gaber wrote:

I would like to use Acros for my photos but am not sure which mode to choose, as there is A, A yellow, A red and A green. Any suggestions?

They're all there for good reasons. It's hard to distill those reasons down into a few lines, but I'm foolish enough to try.

Green: this filter increases contrast in skin tones. It can give some definition to babies and blemish-free models, while darkening pale skin a bit. For "real" people with blemishes and wrinkles, it'll make their skin look worse. If you're going for a weather-beaten look on an old man, then maybe that works. Or if you're trying to bring out freckles on someone whose skin is otherwise clear, that works too.

Red: for people, this filter decreases contrast in skin tones. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, etc., while lightening the skin a bit. In that regard, it's rather the opposite of the green filter. For landscape photography, the red filter will dramatically darken blue skies, making white clouds stand out against a very dark sky.

Yellow: commonly used to provide an overall increase in contrast. In daylight lighting on a clear day, shadows are formed from yellow sunlight being blocked, but the blue sky still lights the shadow area. The yellow filter greatly reduces the blue in the shadows, producing higher contrast. And in general, yellow is about the brightest color and blue is about the darkest, so the yellow filter will increase brightness contrast between colors. For landscape photography, the yellow filter will darken blue skies a bit, making white clouds stand out.

No filter: when you don't want any of the filter effects.

For routine usage on a variety of subjects, either no filter or yellow filter is probably the best choice. The red and green filters are chosen for a particular subject.

Thanks, you saved me a lot of typing and said it way better than I would have. I completely agree with everything you said.

I have always found the green filter to be the worst choice for people photography, I always shoot RAW and sort it out later anyway.

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