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zurubi wrote:

Gaber wrote:

I'm going to a cousin's wedding on Saturday and, although they will have a professional photographer there, I will also be taking some pictures. I would like to use Acros for my photos but am not sure which mode to choose, as there is A, A yellow, A red and A green. Any suggestions?

I highly recommend this page in Damien’s blog

I often go back to it, read especially the Q&A part where you can see his jpg profile . He is an amazing photographer.

he shoots raw, but his point (that I only recently started appreciating) is that you want to get everything right before you shoot, especially the WB. Because you are shooting what you see in the viewfinder, so it has to be right.

I forget which Acros he recommends, but it is not red.

From the linked blog, "Of the four Acros film simulations available in the latest generation of Fuji X cameras Acros G is the one I use for portraits. The benefits of using Acros G over Acros, Acros R and Acros Ye for portraits is skin contrast is higher and the lips are more clearly defined irrespective of skin colour."

It appears he recommends always shooting in Pro Neg Standard, then converting to Acros in post. I wonder why he recommends this method.

Also, will the camera's version of Acros be the same as the raw developer software output?

A problem for me is when I turn on grain in the camera for my Acros shots and it is not found in the raw, only the JPG.  Is there a raw developer out there that will duplicate the grain the camera gives me in its JPG?

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