Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 FX equivalent

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Re: A perfect proof......

fishy wishy wrote:

SushiEater wrote:


It just came to me why you are even more wrong.

If I used D850 in DX mode with 50-100mm F1.8 lens instead of D500 which has identical pixel size and density to D500 thus noise characteristic is the same I would obtain the same result but your math of "equivalence" just went in to a toilet . HaHaHa.

This suggests a rare mental deficiency-

Thank you for confessing!!! I think trip to a shrink highly suggested.

the Sigma 18-35 image circle does not cover the FX sensor.

Why would one use DX lens on FF body is beyond me even though D850 has crop mode.

Saying the D850 only does as well as a D500 (by crippling the capabilities of a D850, disabling more than half of the sensor), is like sending Carl Lewis into the 100 with only one leg.

So why D850 has crop mode? Besides this was just to prove that no matter the size of the sensor the light received per sq. mm is the same if the same lens is used on FX and DX bodies. Since D850 can be used in both modes one camera can be used to prove my point. For example attach 18-35mm F1.8 @F2 and then 24-35mm @F2 frame the same and you will get equivalent photo. Other than the proof of the concept I would not use DX lens on FX body unless it is an emergency.

Every post of yours moves the goalposts, like judging the output of a D5 and D500 as if they are the same,

Actually they are the same. They both have about the same MPs. A 100mm lens on D500 and 150mm lens on D5 identically exposed will give you exactly the same photo.

now comparing the output of them as if D850 is only good for 1/2 of its sensor.

D850 in DX mode is about the same too.

You are also becoming hypocritical, because in this thread you wrote:

If you had only crop camera then 18-35mm F1.8 is the only zoom that is equal to 18, 24, 28, 35mm (27, 36, 42,, 52 on Nikon FF) lens

... this shows you do now accept the concept of equivalence, so you are arguing with us here just to do anything but accept you were wrong, which is wasting time.

You are obviously need to go to school and learn something. There is nothing wrong with my statement above if you know how to read it. I was talking about FoV and nothing else. The above statement has nothing to do with exposure, noise or DoF.

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If I don't respond to your post after you responded to my post with NEGATIVE remarks that means you are on my Ignore list.
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