New Darktable version (3.0) is out

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Re: Interface seems more pleasing in v3

CAcreeks wrote:

gaul wrote:

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Even more info about this new version:

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Darktable version (3.0) => Just looking at your link, interface looks more pleasing

it was really unflattering before v3 to say the least

I have never heard this before:

"low brightness of the interface causes all kinds of illusions." (in link above)


Bibble Pro, and Lightroom copied from Bibble, both use black or dark gray backgrounds.

What's important for me is the preview-adjacent area (the margins), not the program interface itself. I set my margins to 50% grey in all my raw converters, editors and image viewers, but some programs also allow an easy toggle between white, grey and black backgrounds, which are useful for a specific output (e.g. when exporting for white/black web pages/galleries, prints). Lr has had all three options for as long as I remember. In previous versions of dt one of the first things I did when customizing the UI was manually changing the CSS options for background to 50% grey. Good to see we don't have to do it any more. Lr UI colour scheme is actually very good and having something similar in C1, DxO, dt or RT has always been important to me.

I like keeping the program interface itself dark grey, rather than 50% grey (which plays tricks on the eyes as well and is not as neutral as Aurellien Pierre (the dev behind this UI change) would have you believe).

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