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fishy wishy
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Re: what would superzoom mean?

jrtrent wrote:

jshen808 wrote:

..After looking at all the available forums here..

..there is really no forum for the superzoom fans..

..noticed there is the Astrophotography Talk Forum..

..so why not to have a dedicated forum for the "superzoom"..

Interesting idea. I was curious about how you might define superzoom for this proposed forum. I think all the cameras in your gear list were the somewhat larger type sometimes called bridge cameras. Do you see this forum as also being appropriate for "superzoom" lenses attached to DSLR's and shirt-pocket sized compacts (my little Ricoh CX3, for example, goes out to a 300mm equivalent)?

I don't see this as a bad idea at all, except the problem is the gear forums define themselves by the brand. We don't have a generic "DSLR" forum or "MILC" forum. What seems to happen at the moment is people ask about superzooms in the buying advice forum and then they probably head off for more specific questions to individual brand forums.

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