Flickr: the Beginning of the End??

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fishy wishy
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Re: Flickr: the Beginning of the End??

azed9 wrote:

Maybe they could stop the silly 20% hike on international orders. The 25% off might then look competitive.

Clicking around with a proxy, I saw that the USD price gets tax added once you declare a different region in the cardholder address, which doesn't happen if you approach the site from your own region. There are some small discrepancies, like the euro and GBP figures are the same, which puts GBP as 13% more expensive or something.

I got the impression SmugMug wants all flickr users to migrate to SmugMug to make life easier for them, because they are offering substantial discounts to flickr users. At least for the first year. After that of course, you'd find you get nothing from SmugMug for free, and no community.

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