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bjn70 wrote:

Now, I know what you see more noise from D500 but my dog was in a very dark place. I could have shot in another place at 100 ISO and you would not see any noise but the F1.8 lens will always allow more light and higher shutter speed than F2.8 lens no matter what camera.

The ides of full equivalence is to have the noise virtually equal.

I don't go by "equalize noise". I go by excepted noise. If I didn't I would just use 70-200mm F2.8 and crank up ISO. At 2000 ISO D5 actually is noisier in my experience than D500 at 800 ISO. And that is what I needed to get the shutter speed to equal to D500 shutter speed.

However you have also pointed out that there are limits to equivalence- shooting at high ISO and trying to equalize noise, you can't get any overall help from f1.8, but in better light where you can use lower ISO then the equivalence doesn't hold up.

Of course I can. Why do you think I bought 50-100mm F1.8

This one is also shot at 3200 ISO but there is enough light to get cleaner shot. With D5 and 70-200mm lens I would have to shoot at 1/60 and not get the shot because she is like Janis Joplin moving around, jumping and so on. Or crank up ISO to 8000 and then it would not be acceptable because of the noise. Even this shot was underexposed by a half of stop. This is extreme though. I am hoping next concert would have more light so I can generate more shutter speed.

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