Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

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Re: Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

trinakie wrote:

Parisian wrote:


I've tried flashing either Buster or Buster Lite using Balena Etcher. The flash shows successful, but after inserting into the Pi4B and connecting my Dell U2414H via micro hdmi adapter, nothing shows up on screen (no video signal).

There were some green light flashes (akin to loading OS), but nothing thereafter.

I'm using a 45W Usb-c PD compatible charger. Only monitor connected.

Is there any step I missed, or should it auto boot and install Buster on its own? Forgive me for my newbie questions here. Flying in a few days time but still can't get it to work!

That's strange, it's difficult to tell you what is the problem.

Have you checked that the correct source is selected in the screen? (I guess it has multiple inputs)

Are you sure that the Pi is working?

If everything is ok, after you burn the Raspbian image in the microSD card, insert it in the Pi and turn it on, it should auto boot.

The only thing I can think of is the card.  I started with a 64GB card and had a problem booting of that.  I then used a 16GB card without issue.  Try the smaller card.  
Otherwise, you will probably need to seek help on Raspberry Pi forums.  Good Luck.

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