Facebook Cryptocurrency

Started Jun 24, 2019 | Discussions thread
fishy wishy
fishy wishy Veteran Member • Posts: 9,358
Re: Facebook Cryptocurrency

I am not keen on the idea.

I don't want fb both knowing all my friends and hobbies AND how I spend my money. Too much knowledge like that means too much power. At the moment there is a kind of separation between how my money is spent and how I express my likes in detail and I'd like to keep it that way. With Bitcoin your transactions are in a history but it's not publicly linked with your name and I'd like it to stay that way too.

A bank could make inferences about my likes from my bank statement but the nice thing about it is that there's a fence around that at the moment and they don't get to fit every piece of the puzzle together.

Once fb has all your friends, likes and how you spend your money all in one place that makes it incredibly desirable to both the security services and hackers. How long before fb put a backdoor in there and that gets exploited?

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