When do you think will smartphones offer a 200mm (35mm equivalent) Lense?

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Re: Hasselblad Moto Mod

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Well, MotoMods have pretty much died, so don't look for anything else on that front. You would think Sony would have the lead in applying phone like processing to their cameras, but it really doesn't seem to be. I would suggest that Olympus has probably done more innovating with in-camera processing than most. They really were one of the first out of the gate with all kinds of funky filter effects. They have since added things like live composite which only adds light to areas that are still not fully exposed. Recently they added in camera ND software effects using multiple exposures just like phones do.

New to the Moto Mods, I also get the impression they're on the way out, although the new Moto Z4 still supports them, and there's a 5G network snap on. If so, could be a chance to pick up that Hasselblad zoomer on big discount.

Maybe an opportunity for Canon to penetrate the smartphone market with a much better camera?

I had a hazy recollection of Samsung, probably something like this (dates to Android JB):


I think it's a problem of integrating product lines and development teams. Sony seems to me the squandered opportunity of the last two decades, when you compare Apple's tight ecosystem and then think of Sony's history and diversity of premium electronic devices - TV, Walkman, audio equipment, cameras, phones - and its huge recorded media libraries, that are all in separate corporate silos competing in separate markets, and have never added up to any compelling ecosystem or good reason to buy a second Sony product. Just looks like poor corporate management, crying for a Steve Jobs to pull it together.

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