Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 FX equivalent

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Re: A perfect proof......

Sounds like you need a z50 to go with that sigma.

That sigma was almost enough to make me buy a d7500 or another d7200.  I had a d7200 for a short while with a tamron 17-50 that worked well enough.  The sigma didn't promise enough more to warrant the cost, but I always wanted to try it.  Indoors wide open was where my tamron disappointed, the sigma would probably have been better but f1.8 would make AF more critical and that could have been the limiting factor.

on d750 I get good enough results with tamron 24-70, considering full equivalence it is mostly equal to the sigma.  I also sometimes use 35mm f1.8G but again at f1.8 the AF and limited depth of field can be problematic.  I know in my mind that f2.8 on FX is equal to f1.8 on DX but my mind is still irrationally attracted to f1.8.

I may someday end up with another DX body but I have to resist buying an arsenal of lenses for it to compete with my FX gear.

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