Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 FX equivalent

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Re: A perfect proof......

SushiEater wrote:

MediaArchivist wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

What is SNR got to with the shutter speed?

With all due respect (to you and especially for others reading your posts), if you don't know the answer to that question (or claim it irrelevant) you should refrain from replies such as:

Wrong, Wrong and Wrong!!!! Stop spreading misinformation.

I think your homework assignment is clear.

With no respect to you because you are simply an amateur and obviously don't comprehend what you are reading here is the proof of what I am talking about.

This one is taken with D5 and Sigma 70-200 set @ about 150mm @ F2.8 3200 ISO at 1/60 shutter speed.

This is taken with D500 and Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 @ f1.8 100mm ISO 3200 1/160 shutter speed.

Both are virtually identical in exposure except some WB is slightly different.

You can verify the settings by intact Exif.

So I really don't care about equivalence because simply it doesn't apply here.

If your eyes are too clapped out to notice the D500 has over a stop more noisy iso 3200 than a D5 then all talk about the quality of lenses is irrelevant anyway. Do we take it you blast away without looking at photos?

If you are obsessed with numbers rather than photos, satisfy yourself on this:

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