Anyone received their Peak Design Tripod

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Re: Anyone received their Peak Design Tripod

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If so, was wondering your geographic location.

Mine is supposed to arrive (via PD and FedEx) Thursday 12/19. It shipped out of Hong Kong on 12/18 (Hong Kong local time) after I received a shipping label last Friday.

It looks like PD is shipping mine FedEx International Priority.

I did not order any accessories, and I ordered my tripod late evening on the last day of the Kickstarter campaign, but filled out the order survey right after I received it.

Oooh, that gives me hope! I ordered last day but filled out the survey right away. Bummer that I ordered accessories though. Another layer of processing that will probably slow it down.

What's your geographical location?

USA Midwest. My understanding is that accessories will take longer but it appears they are shipping straight out of Hong Kong rather than to a US distribution point. If it shows up tomorrow I’ll be shocked as I didn’t expect to see it until January based on their last email.

I hope it lives up to expectation as a space saving tripod means it will come with me more often.

Accessories or tripods straight out of HK?

The tripods. I have no idea about accessories other than it may slow orders.

I got an email yesterday saying the tripod and accessories were both scheduled to arrive today from Hong Kong. FedEx still shows they have only received the shipping info. I rather doubted it could leave Hong Kong Tuesday and arrive this morning as the embark link said.

So is the shipping notice only coming from FedEx or are folks getting a notice from Peak Design?

I received both from Peak Design and FedEx. I have my address registered with FedEx, so I don’t know if this matters. Either way, I was notified when the label was created, but it actually shipped several days later.


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