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Hi! I currently use Nikon D7200 and Sigma F1.8 zooms. After trying the Z50 I realized that I like the 20.7 sensor colors etc. better than 24 MP sensor of D7200 (it doesn't have that blue tint in deep shadows and IMO have less problems with less than ideal light). My Sigma 18-35 doesn't focus correctly with focus points from the far left and right (it back focuses a lot). Other than that it's perfectly fine after calibration with dock station. Do you have this problems with the most distant AF points? Have you tested it in this regard?

If your lens has problems with far right and left AF points but just right with the center AF point there is nothing you can do. Calibration on USB dock for outer points will make center point not focusing correctly. Is it Nikon fault? Is it Sigma fault? I don't know but knowing that Nikon is sabotaging Sigma with every new camera I think it is Nikon fault.

It's more complicated than that. It's a camera/lens combo, but I think that Sigma don't know the limitations of Nikon AF system. So they managed to create a great lens that is not fully functional with Nikon AF system. It can be mechanical shading of AF sensors or some aberrations is the cause of this issue. To be true I don't think it's that big of a deal cause I use manual focus selection almost 100% of a time so I just don't use faulty AF points. What I wanted to know - does the D500 with it's more sophisticated AF system works correctly with Sigma 18-35 in the corners of AF module.

Don't know about 18-35mm F1.8 but with 50-100mm F1.8 which I just got D500 focuses correctly. 18-35mm is not on my list because I got 20, 35, 85 F1.5 I can use on my FF camera at the same time.

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