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Re: Wildlife lens options

KevinRA wrote:

Paul-D700 wrote:

CarlosMart and Tannin,

Thanks for some very helpful and detailed information. I'll pass your recommendations along to my friend. Not being a Canon user, I had not thought about the older 100-400mm. It seems like it might be a very good option.


2nd recommendation for the 100-400 (1) - but do suggest checking a more recent manufactured lens (e.g. by the date code) and in getting a copy in good condition as not sure possible to repair if it goes wrong now... (it's not supported by Canon).

Optically I owned a 100-400 mark 1 and was very good. I think there is some copy-copy variation and older copies with wear and tear can be less good.

Yes it is a good lens, however I've noticed copy variation in the field. Test the image quality before you buy it. As said in an earlier post, the push-pull design is no problem, you get used to it quickly. Just be careful, pulling out very fast may suck in dust.

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