How to synch audio from Zoom recorder to camera video?

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Re: Radio Frequency Interference with Tascam recorder?!

eFilm wrote:

Casey Cheung wrote:

Thank you gentlemen for all your detailed and helpful input, I appreciate it a lot! I will be recording the speakers using an external audio recorder for post editing. But I'm having a hard time deciding between the Zoom H1N or the Tascam DR-05X. Both are currently on sale below $100. Which model do you think is easier to operate and complete the task at hand?

It's a matter of taste. Both will do the job. I've got at least one Zoom H1n in my portable kit but if I didn't already have one I'd gladly take the Tascam as well.

If possible, try both in your own hands and just pick either one, and then do some test recordings. With the built-in mics as well as with an external mic attached to the recorder.

Bottom line, don't get obsessed about the gear, just pick one and start recording, and getting ready for the job.

Holy cow, I just read this article below on Radio Frequency Interference using the Tascam DR-05X recorder. Sure enough, it's sadly accurate! While doing a test recording, when I place my Tascam recorder within 1 or 2 feet from my cellphone or home router, there is a loud static and crackling noise that can be easily heard while recording (and especially using headphones into the recorder).

Question please: Does your Zoom H1N recorder have this same Radio Frequency Interference problem?

Here's the link to the article below and an excerpt:

"I was really excited when the new Tascam DR-05x was released. I owned the older version Tascam DR-05, but I ended up getting rid of it, and getting the H1n, because it had one big issue: radio interference. My hope, Tascam would fix this well documented issue in the x-series. They didn’t!

I still can’t fathom why. BTW, this is a known issue with DR-05, 07 and 40 models. Keep in mind, the radio in Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), does not simply refer to FM, AM – old school radio. In fact, radio waves are used in all forms of telecommunication. So, WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, microwaves etc, are all radio waves. I can only foresee our recording locations getting more saturated with radio waves as more devices get connected. For instance, my camera now comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connection."

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