How do you organize / store your gear at home?

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fishy wishy
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Re: How do you organize / store your gear at home?

j3ffw wrote:

I use a closet that I built shelves into.

not to highjack this thread, but in the way of organizing has anyone created a database of all your equipment including the small grip items, thoughts?

I have done that with all sorts of database fields, helped me keep track of all sorts of things like where filters were, which items to sell, where they were.

second question relating to the database organization any advice what to look for in a label maker and type of labels that last abuse?

Final question I know the big production companies do this I’m wondering about creating a label that can be scanned by an iPhone to log in or list equipment? Any suggestions or links to tutorials?

So why would you do that with a home collection? How does it benefit you to scan barcodes on a bag rather than look in the bag?

again I hope I’m not highjacking your thread just moving it a bit to the organization discussion

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