FP voted one of the years 3 worst cameras by DPR

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fishy wishy
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Re: FP voted one of the years 3 worst cameras by DPR

richard stone wrote:

fishy wishy wrote:

Never mind, don't be downhearted. Perhaps they can take first place with the release of the Foveon full frame next time.

It would be nice to think so, but...

Seriously, what Sigma is aiming for, excellent images and detail, and a relatively simple platform and menu, is not exactly what "most" people and DPR are looking for. Most folks love those tilt screens, and being able to see shadow detail.

Secondly, of course, there is the nature of the sensor/images themselves. Combined with SPP, the Sigma/Foveon images resemble classic slide-film images, with high contrast, a feeling of compressed (for lack of a better word) DR, and strong color. That all works well enough when the exposure is "right."

And then there is the whole idea of low-light images. By definition the meaning of low light is relative to what the sensor can capture when there isn't quite enough light... But it is possible to shoot low light images at ISO 100-400, it just means holding the camera still, and maybe not having too much image motion.

So no, Sigma is probably not going to get that kind of approval with a Foveon sensor camera. We can probably expect better performance and approval than the currently available Foveon cameras, but even so, not even close to the current CFA sensors.

The Sigma Foveon FF might be voted the no.1 worst camera next year then, by a community that slams its lack of versatility.

I think Sigma users already know the extreme limitations they get when they try to raise the iso above base, very well.

I hope the Foveon FF can at least not be too slow. Though nobody expects it to be a sports camera, I don't think people can accept laggy operation and 1.5fps anymore. And it needs to output good jpegs. Even the Fuji Pro series from the early 2000s knew how to make the most of the capabilities of the camera with jpegs.

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