Third party lenses for Canon RF mount?

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fishy wishy
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Re: Third party lenses for Canon RF mount?

Klaus dk wrote:

fishy wishy wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

How long will it take before the big Japanese third party lens manufaturers (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina) begin releasing lenses for the RF mount?

I've been happy with my Sigma EF-S lenses and would appreciate to see less expensive RF lenses available.

What? Sacrilege!

I’m in this for the results, not the bragging value. Edit: I’m all for bragging about my results, but not about the brand on my gear.



Seriously though, in the old days we used to choose systems often on the basis of the lenses available. If you are not buying into the new EOS R for the Canon lenses, why are you buying into it? Wouldn't you do better to buy Sony E mount where there are zillions of Sigmas and so on available? Sony have the most advanced mirrorless right now.

Let me paraphrase an answer from another forum:

Q: What do Canon shooters think of Sony cameras? A: They don’t!

Contradicting yourself with this brand nastiness was not your finest hour.

So you are a brand fanatic... why would you want third party lenses then?

This thread you made is filling with self-contradictions.

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