CFexpress (grumble-grumble)

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Re: CFexpress (grumble-grumble)

rick colman wrote:

Looking at my pile of high-performance SD cards, I grumbled about spending $400 on a pair of XQD cards and reader.

Now, am I supposed to spend another $400 on CFexpress cards?

i shoot stills -

(video is a passing fad, raw video is for the truly afflicted ...)

You're not thinking about this correctly.  First, it's not clear that there's any advantage at this moment to using a CFExpress card over an XQD card so there's very little reason to swap one for the other right now.  Just keep using your existing XQD cards just fine.  Just like when a faster version of SD cards came out, nobody felt they had to trash their existing SD cards immediately.

A better way to think about the new CFE support is to think that Nikon just announced support for the new improved XQD2 format which now no longer has to pay a royalty to Sony and has the ability in the future to go even faster for newer cameras or newer card readers).  All your existing XQD cards continue to work just like they always did.  Oh, and instead of just a couple manufacturers of XQD, there will be many manufacturers for XQD2 so there should be more competition and better availability once production and product support gets going.

Oh, and instead of just one company (Sony) controlling the standard for XQD, the newer XQD2 is an open standard worked on by a consortium of companies and available to all.

Oh, and by the way, instead of the name "XQD2", they decided to call it CFExpress instead.

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