Going from Mojave/Lightroom 6 to Catalina/Lightroom Clasic

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Re: Going from Mojave/Lightroom 6 to Catalina/Lightroom Clasic

Leo wrote:

mbloof wrote:

I think that you might find that LR 6.14 will run on 10.15.1

My old 2013 vintage 13" MBP was recently upgraded to 10.15.1 and LR works mostly fine. On my newer 2019 13" MBP (came with Catalina) I did a fresh install of LR 6.14 without any issues.

Mark, I had upgraded to Catalina and Lightroom 6 worked fine. However, there was a post. that said that LR6 cannot cannot be reinstalled on Catalina. I have chickened out and reinstalled Mojave. Adobe confirmed that LR6 cannot be reinstalled on Catalina. However you could! As I would have to upgrade to Catalina ... my question: was the installation smooth and with no warnings?

Thank you.


My new computer came with Catalina. I downloaded my purchased copy of LR 6.14 from Adobe and ran the install. I don't recall any hickups. Please note, I installed it, NOT reinstalled it.

My old MBP (2013) already had LR installed. It still works after upgrading to Catalina. Both LR5 and LR6 function (open and run) on Catalina.

What does not work however is the Canon software. While it works fine on my upgraded MBP I can't get it to install or migrate from one MBP to the new one.

I've since turned off the automatic updates on both.

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