How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

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Re: How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

What camera are you going to be shooting it on?

I had the 10-20mm on a sd Quattro H. It was solid in the center but did get smeary on the edges, even with DC crop on at 10mm. At 20mm the corners were much better but still had noticeable drop off compared to the center, even at f11. An adapted mount Rokinon 14mm was sharper everyone compared to the 10-20mm lens.

If you are looking for the Sony's the Rokinon is easy to adapt. The Tamron 17-28 is a fantastic wide angle zoom and much sharper than the Sigma (and faster, and full frame) with almost the same coverage as the DC 10-20mm would in crop mode. With the Sony you could also go with the Voigtlander primes which are very good too.


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