Urgent letter from CEO of Flickr

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Re: Urgent letter from CEO of Flickr

Marek M wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Dropbox, like any other business for profit, will only stay in business if they are making enough money.

You win, there is absolutely no need for any type of paid storage or sharing service that anyone anywhere would ever want to use.

That's not what he said. If the alternative is user controlled, inexpensive local storage, then advantages of cloud storage are limited and far less secure,meaning that they may close down for many reasons. I trust my multiple local back ups far more than I would any cloud storage.

I know how many back ups I have. How many do they have?

Cloud storage is, by definition, off-site.  If you're set up right then new files you create can be backed up to the cloud instantly and without any intervention required.  If a provider closes down I just sign up with another one and backup to them instead.

To my mind local storage only wins because you aren't paying a perpetual subscription cost and just buying new hard drives now and again. Although you'd need multiple drives to mitigate risk of mechanical failure.

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