Optimal aperture position?

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Re: Sell custom photography things? No, open source the designs....

I bought some 3D (green/magenta) cheap glasses and a few snap on. I tried thingiverse to see if a 49mm filter cap was available but it was too thick (tall). The snap on caps everywhere have this mechanism that makes them really not good (not much space  for hole and may cause occlusions).With the Topcors (49mm thread) I will be able to use a hood on top (bayonet style).

Let's see what happens, seems fun the same cup may be mounted to more than one lens, but I understand would be unoptimal (but, I got from the instructions, as a pure guess, there may be an F-stop that works for more than one lens (eg. 100 and 135mm, not sure 58mm would be too different).

If it works I'll maybe learn a bit more how to do 3D things, so I can do a proper cap and maybe try to find better gel.

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