new price cut, did you get a second body?

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Re: new price cut, did you get a second body?

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..wit some recent precuts , I got a second R body, looking to sell all of my EF kit. Anyone else get an R with these new prices?

No. I already have an RP. I see no point in spending $1k or more on yet another body with no IBIS, dual card slots or any of the other improvements the Rs and/or R Mark II are sure to bring in just a few months.

Price maybe? a R mkII with IBIS, dual card slots, higher mp sensor, new processor,etc... I suppose will be at around 3000-3500$. As long as money is not an issue for you, wait for it. But for those who don't need all that stuffs there is actually a point to buy a second R body.

Two EOS R bodies will run the same as the Mark II most likely. Id rather have the superior camera than two of the inferior one.

All depends of your needs, some of us needs 2 bodies...which btw is not my case. I personally would not spend 3500$ in a single body, superior camera or not.

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