How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

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Re: How is the Sigma 10-20mm?

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There's been nothing but talk in this thread so I posted an image so that Dan can see for himself how mediocre the 10-20mm lens is on the edges. If you have an image that shows the f/3.5 version is better, then post it.

Well better than posting a single image that proves nothing except you don't know how to get the best out of a lens like this, or that you may have a sub-par version, lets look at a stream of images taken by this exact lens to see how people can take great images from this "sub-par" lens. That way the OP can judge for himself based on a huge selection of images at all focal lengths and apertures and in all kinds of lighting.

Thanks for proving my point. I just downloaded the very first image from that link and it's just a bad along the edges and the corners are even worse. And that was at 20mm where it should perform better. The fourth one down the list was at 10mm and it's terrible in the corners, too. Lots of distortion and CA. Did you even bother to examine them?

It's not me who's asking, I'm fine with the 10-20mm, I've had two copies of it, it is what is, a decent UWA that lots of people get great results from. No UWA zoom is great at the edges, for the reasons I've already stated, field curvature, point of focus etc all have an effect. The point is that people who know how to use such a lens get great images from it. I've also owned the Zuiko 7-14mm, the Zuiko 9-18mm, the M.zuiko 9-18mmx2, Sony 16-35mm and the Sigma 10-20mmx2, they're all very similar in this respect, you're splitting hairs with all of them. I've obtained great results from all of these lenses. People also say the same about the DP1M yet I use mine with the Ricoh GW3 ultrawide adaptor on it and get great results. If you want to pixel peep and agonise over things that literally no non-photographer will ever notice then be my guest, I'll do what normal people do, use the lens, get great results from it and be happy. You carry on with your search for the perfect UWA lens, good luck with that.

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