Canon 50mm/F1.2L and multiple reviews

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Re: Canon 50mm/F1.2L and multiple reviews

I won't outright disagree with you that's for sure. Because the words being used to describe lenses right now, I think the vocabulary is a limiting factor.

In comparing the EF 50 1.2 with other lenses, Even when the lens is wide open and shows that global haze type dreamy affect in certain situations, I find that I can still see finer details within that, more so compared to other lenses I own that are considered to be "sharper" lenses. Even with the aberrations occurring to the EF 50 L 1.2 wide open, I still feel that in some particular lens attributes it has higher fidelity in other aspects.

I find when focusing this lens on a tripod doing testing, using 10 X magnification, and playing with the depth of field preview button at different apertures, focus distances etc, the lens acts differently than just moving " in " and "out" of focus.

It seems like this lens actually focuses its highest resolving power at a focusing distance that shows less than optimal global contrast. Hopefully that makes sense, and maybe you can comment on weather you also have experienced the same phenomena I'm describing when using high magnification live view.

For me, now, as i've gotten to know the lens better I prefer to actually set the lens at 0 AF micro adjust and use spot of focus where it shows more aberrations, but higher detail.

Another lens that I own which does this significantly is the 24-70 f4L IS, especially in Macro Mode zoomed past 70 MM and even more so when shooting at close to the MFD beyond the yellow highlighted recommended focus distance for "macro mode"

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