Urgent letter from CEO of Flickr

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Re: Their business model is unsustainable.

DenWil wrote:

Their business model is unsustainable. They allow people to dump entire shoots for free. I had reason to check there recently and was seeing frame after frame after frame of the same gross child leering into the camera . There is no culling , there is no editing, there is no common sense- it is truly just a digital waste dump because it is allowed to be.

I don’t know how it works in all of your communities but in southern Arizona there is a company called WasteManagement large W large M on all the trucks that picks up the trash and they charge for every stick of it in advance.

Drop free storage to 200 images. No amateur needs a portfolio with more than 200 images. Less is more, just throw out the extras, duplicates and outright crap. No one needs 24/7 access to see every frame you record of your stuff. That’s why you have a hard drive or multiple hard drives so that every precious moment captured at ten frames per second on full auto can be saved forever for you because you’re the only one it’s precious for.

They did at least drop it to 1000 for free users. You're right though that when they had virtually no limit on free accounts then it just became a dump, and even their own apps encouraged this behaviour as they'd try and auto-sync everything off the host device.  You get the feeling that they're still struggling under the sheer weight of all the accumulated junk.

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