Urgent letter from CEO of Flickr

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Re: Urgent letter from CEO of Flickr

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People have moved to Facebook and Instagram. You can’t compete with free.

As somebody who used SmugMug and had a flickr account, I don't quite get what the advantages are of the sites over fb & IG for those not selling their photos and who don't want visitor stats. Can anyone enlighten me on this?

Several reasons, your photos look like crap on FB, on Flickr they look much better, and can be viewed at large to original size, it also acts as correct storage. FB also has far more rights over your photos than most people realise, whereas Flickr doesn't.

Also, SmugMug seems much more professional but there is no difference in price between flickr "Pro" (I do not see where professional comes into this plan) and SmugMug Basic.

Is flickr's glory all well in the past, before Yahoo! took it over?

It's still popular, but the transition from Yahoo to Smugmug ownership was extremely messy, and issues with account logins from legacy agreements made it worse.

I agree that Flickr is great for photo storage, but if it were to disappear, what would you suggest as an online alternative?

I already use Google photos but want something that doesn't downsize images.

If you pay for Google One (rebranded Google Drive) storage then you can have your pictures on Google Photos at full resolution.  It's what i've been doing since letting my flickr Pro account lapse and its worked OK overall so far.

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