Z6 and tethering to LR Classic CC

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Re: Z6 and tethering to LR Classic CC

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

Cekon wrote:

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

stevo4 wrote:

Just got my new cable and finally, there is a good connection and all is fine.

The Z6 connects with the USB C end and the other end USB 3.0 goes into my laptop.


Interesting and good to know (even though I already have a tethertools cable anyway).

Can you charge the camera and shoot with it tethered via USB-C at the same time?

The Nikon Z do not charge (or use the power) from USB when they are switched on unfortunately - they only charge when switched off. This is also the case with tethered shooting.

OK yeah I knew with the tether cable (to the DC2 port) it doesn't charge but that's a shame it can't charge via USB when tethered. I wonder if Nikon could bring that option via firmware update in the future sometime...?

USB power (or charging) during use would be great, especially the Z6-video-friends would be happy to use external power to the camera...

Let's see what comes up with the next firmware(s), everyone is expecting a lot. The last updates were kind of disappointing IMO. I am waiting for Nikon to fix the 3D-tracking-mess, which is only a user interface modification, so it should be easy to implemented.

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