ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

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Re: ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

Mike VA USMC wrote:

Hello all! I'm about to make a jump into the ILC world and need some help narrowing down which cameras to look at. I'm trying to find a camera with IBIS and true weather sealing...not just sealed from moisture and dust. I need to be able to use in the rain. I'm not seeing much out there when using DPR's camera feature search tool. I'll be taking pictures of my children playing sports, landscape, macro shots, and family photos, travel...not for any pro usage.

Can't seem to find many weather-sealed cameras with IBIS. There's the new Oly m5iii, but what else? I'd like to stay under $2000. Is the Panasonic GH5 too old now? Not supported? Anything else? I don't have any brand preference since I'll be new to the ILC world.

Thanks in advance for your help!

In the real world, weather sealing however defined, whether true or claimed is useless.  You can use any camera in the rain.  Will something bad happen with water intrusion?  Who knows.  I've shot in a lot of rain and cover lens and camera and carry a towel to wipe off large drops.  Covers are cheap.  Use them in the rain or just roll the dice.

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