ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

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Re: ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

Thank you all for your wonderful perspectives and advice!  You are right that I won't be taking pictures in heavy rain and probably don't really need true weather-sealing (IPx rating like the Oly em5.3 has. I could always carry a camera rain sleeve, as suggested, if worried.  Or, have one child hold an umbrella for me so I'm dry while I take a few pics of the other child playing soccer.  It was mostly just insurance for when I'm out at a park, beach, pool, winery, soccer and it rains that I don't need to freak-out that the $1500+ USD I just spent is wasted because it got a little wet.

I just saw the Sony a6600 listed for the same price @ $1200 USD (body).  So, I will look into each and pick one.  The Sony has a larger sensor, more megapixels and better autofocus, but has issues will rolling shutter and is 1/3 Lbs heavier.  Olympus seems to have lighter and less expensive lenses and low rolling shutter.  Might be a no-brainer for you all, but I'm new at this.  At this point though, I don't think I could go wrong with either.  I need to find them in a store and hold each to get a better sense of the ergonomics, menus, weight, etc.

Thank you all for the advice!

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