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Re: solution?

gscotten wrote:

sankos wrote:

Here's what happens if I upload the same photo, but using Firefox (in iPhone emulation mode):

Desaturated result

So, it looks like Instagram doesn't like when I use colour-managed Firefox to upload photos with, and prefers non-colour-managed browsers. How bizarre...

My guess (having never used Firefox's emulation modes) is that Firefox doesn't color manage the iPhone emulator since a real iPhone itself isn't color managed and doesn't have a wide gamut display.

What happens if you upload in normal Firefox?

I thought about the emulation mode (Ctrl-Shift-M on Firefox) as the culprit, but I know of no other way of making posts on Instagram using PC web browsers. It seems like IG cripple the non-mobile web functionality intentionally in order to steer people to using their native app on a phone.

I used a Windows Phone emulation mode with the Edge browser, too, and it didn't cause this issue.

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