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Re: Are You Talking About the Same Thing?

Anthony, I’m glad you recognized the two distinctly different issues. I was NOT referring to user settings and preferences, which can be saved to an SD card on many models. As you called it, the “final factory calibration data” is what can unknowingly be changed. To read the shutter count, you need to go into one of several “service modes”. Unfortunately, I don’t have a detailed description of what each mode does or how its used. What I was told was that once entered, that camera’s “final factory calibration data” must be saved and needs to be reapplied before exiting these service modes. In my case that was not done so the camera automatically reverted to generic data (backup data) that each camera gets when it is manufactured. After I found some irregularities and sent it in, I was notified that they discovered I was in one of these modes and caused the problem, as documented by one of the cameras error logs. I never mentioned it, and I did not deny it.

As for the comments about verifying you have a new camera, I think such concerns are very over indulged. Go into any car dealer and I don’t think you will ever find a car with less than 20 miles. If a camera isn’t damaged, has all the accessories and isn’t obviously repacked there isn’t any valid reason not to accept the camera. After all you have the manufacturers warranty, and in the case of Panasonic in the US they offer the free 3-year extended warranty. When you buy a new car, don’t you test drive it? After doing so, do you buy every car you test drive? Are such cars that have been previously test driven sold as “used”? Obviously not, to all. Why should a camera be any different?

My point is, if its not a user feature and it requires some special procedure to access it – best to stay out of that mode unless you are prepared to pay the consequences. When I serviced cameras we had a saying - if its not broken don't try to fix it!

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