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Nemesis might be a bit too strong of a word, but as a guy who CLA a lot of lenses i must say i really dislike the Carl Zeiss Jena lenses in general, in particular the older alu versions. They are always labour intensive, in the version i own some have a very inaccessible rear ring that must be removed to take them apart, i made a custom spanner but even with that it s difficult to remove as the rings are super tight, this is usually the case with all the rings in these lenses. Using penetrating oil usually results in it getting on the aperture blades, than there is a second ring that holds the preset mechanism in place, again custom spanner but this ring is usually also super tight. Haze on the lens elements is common, Flektogon for example, again the rings are very tight, it s very difficult to remove the ring that holds the small second element from the front, which is usually where the haze is. And last but not least, the front name rings....i had to drill two small "depressions" for a needle type spanner to remove the name ring on the Triotar. That said once properly CLAed they look great and the focusing mechanism gives one of the best feel.

I CLAed like more than 15 of these, every time a friend or a fried of a friend sees them gets one of these as they are quite common here in Europe and asks for a CLA

The later CZJ lenses also come with their peculiar problems regarding CLA.

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