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Re: Are You Talking About the Same Thing?

Anthony Cheh wrote:

Wasabi Bob and Chris 222:

I'm confused as to whether the two of you are talking about the same thing.

Chris seems to be addressing user settings, e.g., changes in camera menus from the starting default positions, such as matrix vs. spot metering, single vs. continuous autofocus, etc..

Anthony, glad to clarify. Yes, I was specifically referring to user settings which are (unnecessarily) wiped out when you enter service mode on some cams (and not on others.)

Wasabi Bob seems to be talking about calibration data from the final factory adjustments (cameras of this caliber are still individually fine tuned before packing and shipment), e.g., autofocus, AWB, exposure metering, etc.

If Wasabi Bob is talking about final factory calibration data needing to be manually saved before entering a service mode, and then reloaded before exiting service mode, would just looking at shutter count in a service menu require such saving and then reloading of the final factory calibration data?

Either way such calibration data should not be wiped, ever (barring some catastrophic damage to the cam's own memory, of course.) Certainly not by simply entering service mode. But then Panasonic has a long history of making money in such manners, at least in the U.S.

I took a look at the shutter count on my refurbished S1r (less than 30) and the visual results for white balance, exposure, focus, at default settings, are the same as before.

Hopefully your fine calibration data was intact too!

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